Cinco WV, Coal Mine

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The goal of MyRootsPlace is to gather, preserve, restore, and display the genealogies, histories, documents, records, historic items & places of our Ancestors. We promote genealogy research, education, restoration, and preservation.

We are funded by Donations and our Amazon Bookstore. We are a member content website. We do not sell data. All data is contributed by Volunteers and Members. Access is free and will remain free.
Welcome and Happy Hunting ~ MRP Admin

We are a FREE and PUBLIC Genealogy Site and Online Family Tree. For the Safety of our Members and Quality of our work, we have enacted a few new standards. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • 1. When adding living individuals do NOT add their birth dates. Use only the word (LIVING) in parenthesis please.
  • 2. We are not responsible for information added, however if you'd like yourself or your photo removed, or the photo of your minor removed, please contact us.
  • 3. No users will have the ability to delete anything on site. If you'd like something deleted, please contact us.
  • 4. Please try to use Genealogical Standards when entering your information. Remember, this is a place to "show off" your work. If you don't know the standards we will be adding a guide, or ask in our facebook group.
  • 5. We are now on our own host server. We have backup and plenty of storage for your photos, documents, headstones so feel free to submit them.
  • 6. All photos, documents, headstones and other records found at MyRootsPlace are Owned by their Respective Submitters, even if the Submitter isn't listed.

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